Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Random Kind of Post

Today, was a day. Not a bad day. Just a day.

The kids weren’t all that into school work. It got done. Not with as much enthusiasm as I would like- but none the less…

The kids have had a such a great attitude about school this year. We have had good grades, and attitudes - for the most part. So I can’t complain about a so-so day every once in a while!

Though today, for the first time, Jeddy read through all of his short-vowel blends on his own! We are making progress! I know that he just turned 4, so I’m not pushing it too much… but now that he is able to put letter sounds together- reading isn’t far away! Kindergarten, has been the most frustrating, but also most rewarding grade to teach so far. Because once they can read, they are able to learn whatever, and whenever they want.


I am continually amazed by the random facts that my children inform me of.

How in the world did she know that?!

Well, she reads.

Good, classic books.

Alot of them.


Elijah is currently reading the biography of David Livingston.

I didn’t tell him to read it. He isn’t reading it for school. His sisters read it, told him about it, and he wanted to read it for himself. I’m so thankful that my children have a love for reading. I encourage that, along with their imaginations. Keona wrote her 3rd book today. As I wondered how she knew how to use italics for thought, or certain words we had never covered in school vocab… I realized- she has seen them used in her books. 


Today, I have been enjoying my new Yankee candle.


I wish that you could smell it. Because the ‘Frosted Cookie’ smell- is sensational.


I plan on making a gingerbread house with the kids this weekend/next week.

I have my ingredients all ready, and hopefully everything goes as planned!


Next weekend is our Christmas special at the seniors’ home. We have been practicing like crazy around here! Each of the kids (minus Jeddy and Ella) has a piano solo, and then they are singing several songs as a group. So, they have been practicing and I have been practicing. Eve and I are planning a piano-violin, Carol of the Bells duet. It has always been a favourite song of mine!


Hopefully this time, she doesn’t decide to skip a bar in the middle of the song on me…


Well, tonight my kids have their friends over and it is getting quite rowdy. I’m thinking I had better offer some snacks and a break to calm things down. ;)


A very random post. I know.


So, I’ll end with a few quotes I read today that reminded me how important my job is:


That’s my own concept of my job - Arming her with the tools she needs to succeed on her own, and making course corrections along the way. When you think about it - if I taught my daughter only what I knew, no matter how knowledgeable I was - I'd be limiting her severely. - Joan Taylor, homeschool mom


Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. - Roger Lewin

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  1. Nana said...Wow very well said quote, Jac.
    Very good post. I can't wait to hear Jed read Nana a story.


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