Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve

All of the big kids got to stay up and party until midnight. I had told Ella that it was almost bedtime, and then she disappeared. When I went to look for her, I found her here…


In her bed, reading books.

She may take after her big sisters. Just a bit.


We started the night out by playing Monopoly, but when we were 20minutes in and Scott and I were ready to strangle each other- we decided to try another game.

Keona and Prayer just wanted to play Webkinz on the computers with each other…


Notice the earrings?

I thought I was all that, wearing those back in 1990.


While playing Life, Eve landed on the “Get Married” spot and when we gave her the little blue man to put in her car she picked it up and said, “The man has to drive!” While she proceeded to switch the little people. Scott made some comment about her not getting that from me- even though I always let him drive… :P


Jed had asked me first thing in the morning, “When do I get to bang pots and pans???”

My flash didn’t fire- but you can still see his expression…


Think he was a little excited? :)


Yes, Charity has paper towel hanging out of her mouth. She had just been elbowed by her sister…

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