Monday, January 31, 2011

My First…

And like my Mom always used to tell me… I will always have a special love for her, because she was my first baby.
 the many faces of keona
I have a special love for all of my children, but as much as I see us butting heads in the future- I also see so much that we share. So much that we have in common.

While I was out at a photo shoot the other day, Keona was helping Scott around the house. He commented on how much she sounds like me when dealing with the younger kids. Not sure if that’s good, or bad…
Maybe both?

Yes, my baby’s growing up…


  1. You did a great job capturing the many faces of Keona! I love all of these!!!!

  2. trying to be ever so patient waiting to see these pics, Miya is going to LOVE when are you doing you and Scott???

  3. Not so sure about Scott and I... ha! We'll see.

  4. are you going to print and hang these on your wall? i adore all of them!

    i want to do one for my niece. have i mentioned how much i have a distaste for clipping masks? i am being lazy. if i don't get one made for christmas, i can at least get one done for her first birthday next month. :)

  5. me too! I made several templates and now I just drag and drop the photos into them. Such a pain the first time though!


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