Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lasagna, Popcorn chains, and other ramblings…

Tonight, Jeddy and I made lasagna for dinner. With my mom’s special, homemade sauce. Jeddy doesn’t usually like lasagna. So this time, I decided to let him make his own. Like my mom did for me, when I was a kid and didn’t like lasagna. He declared his lasagna, “The BEST lasagna EVER.” And cleaned his plate. Not sure if the timbits and hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s that Grandma brought for dessert had anything to do with it… :)


This, is why we haven’t made popcorn chains in a few years…

 dec07 064

December 2007


While I was looking at old pictures, I realized that I have my dad’s smile…

Robert and Jaclyn

Maybe that’s why my grandma just sits and stares at my sister and I when we go visit her.


Please pray for this family.

When Elijah was about 4 years old, he pulled my dresser over. Thankfully, my bed was in the way and caught it. He was able to duck underneath and was only hit by a drawer. (The one time I was thankful for small bedrooms.) Hearing the scream and crash, was horrifying. Yet, we still have furniture that isn’t anchored. Reading this story has reminded me to take care of that this weekend.


What a solemn post.


On a brighter note- we are officially on Christmas break! I decided to finish off tomorrow’s school work, today. That way we can just relax and hang out with Scott tomorrow. We have lots of baking, and arts and crafts planned for next week. No popcorn chains though…


Speaking of school, Jeddy flew through his 3 letter words today! We’ll be right on track to start short sentences in the new year. For a while there, I debated waiting until next year to continue kindergarten with him. But once he caught on… it has been smooth sailing since.

sept07 145

Seems like just the other day, he was learning to walk. Now, he’s learning to read!


FYI- I really miss that skirt. It was my favourite. You can tell by the giant fray holes that I wore right through it. I guess my boys aren’t the only ones who wear through their jeans…

Ella can recite all of the blends as well. She sits there and says, “Ma, me, mi, mo, mu. Da, de, di, do, du.” She has no clue what she is saying- but perhaps it will make it easier to teach her? I can hope, anyways. :)


She, Arabella that is, is super polite. If she doesn’t hear me the first time, she responds with, “Pardon?” Every single time.

Jeddy on the other hand… looks confused and says, “What chu say?”

I know that I should really correct him, and teach him, “Excuse me” or “Pardon me” – but I just can’t help but laugh. Every single time.


And just cause I’m going through them- a few old photos…


Summer 2007


I miss having a tan…


Not so sure I miss the full beard…


  1. You make the very best lasagna - you have improved on my recipe for sure! I love the impish smile of your little boy! Thanks for dinner! I just ate my cookies - thanks Jeddy!

  2. My husband insists on popcorn strings on the tree every year but he hasn't said anything yet this year so I am hoping he won't. I hate them, I have to say.


  3. So what did he do differently to his lasagna?

    You DO have your dad's smile! Very engaging and warm- LOVE it!

    Girl, what do you mean you miss having a tan? Are you pale now? You look tan to me. :) I am weird in that when it is summer, I want a tan. But when it is winter, I want to be pale pale pale! I think it was my last trip to Korea and Japan that gave me a love for porcelain skin.

    I thought for sure you would add popcorn stringing to your to-do list this week. Your kids are much older now, surely it would be easier and less messy this time around? I tried stringing popcorn once but the pieces kept breaking apart. I should stick with paper chains!

  4. He put lots of extra cheese and only a little bit of sauce. :)

    I just dyed my hair almost black- which probably makes me look paler than I am...

    And most of that mess was from the popcorn splitting apart! Or kids stepping on the half-made chains. Ha! You aren't alone... ;) My friend suggested paper chains made from Christmas themed scrapbooking paper- they look amazing!


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