Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 more sleeps…

I hate being sick. I remember when I was a kid, and it was fun to stay home from school, lay on the couch all day, and watch reruns on TV. (My sister and I, once watch all of the Rocky movies. In one day.) Not so much fun anymore! Especially not the week of Christmas! I had planned on baking sugar cookies, cinnamon buns, a cheesecake, chocolate mint patties, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, and a gingerbread house!


We managed to get the gingerbread house done…


In spite, of my sand castle-like dough.

The sloping roof, caved in about 10 minutes after this picture. So I told the kids to just eat it.

They didn’t seem to mind.


This past Sunday, the kids put on a Christmas musical at church.

Jeddy, was a very tired and grumpy little shepherd.


Ella, who had taken her nap- was a much happier little angel.


Their cousin Matthew, was also a shepherd. He kept giving everyone a ‘thumbs up’ from the stage!


DSC_0652 copy

I didn’t take many pictures, as I was sitting in the front row with a whole bunch of toddlers.

The kids all did a great job!


Saturday, we had our service at the seniors’ home. When it came time for Jeddy to say his verse, he looked over at me, then looked at the floor. His sisters and Elijah, started it for him and he joined in. A little stage fright I believe. :)

Well, I am almost ready for Christmas. Scott decided to go shopping at 3am last night in Walmart. I’m tempted to make a run to Old Navy in the middle of the night tomorrow just to avoid the lines. One gift left to grab, several left to wrap, groceries to pick up for Christmas dinner, cards left to fill out, cookies to bake, and a few songs and verses to go over with the kids. I am SO ready for the weekend!

2 more sleeps!

Until Christmas Eve that is.

Scott and I made our own family tradition, of opening our gifts on Christmas Eve. The kids still get so much from aunts, uncles, and grandparents on Christmas- that it can be overwhelming!

So, Christmas Eve is our own little family celebration. :)

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