Monday, November 1, 2010

Enjoying Autumn…

Spring and fall have always been a toss up for my favourite season. I love all the leaves and the wind in fall- but I also adore all of the fresh colours and the rainy days of spring. I think that fact that fall brings cold weather along with it- hands the win over to spring for me though.


Last week, I bought Jeddy a new winter coat while they were on sale. Little did I know that he would already need it this weekend, as it SNOWED on our way to church on Sunday!


As much as I’m looking forward to Christmas, with all the trees, and lights, and music while drinking hot chocolate… I am NOT ready for snow yet in October!

Tonight while dinner was cooking, and the big kids were in the basement cleaning up their mess- I took Jeddy and Ella outside to play in the leaves for a bit. Mostly because I thought it would be a great opportunity for some pictures ton of fun for them! And it was! Both of the above… :)


I have no idea where she gets this crazy-eyes thing from…




Then, Jeddy wanted to join in the fun and “throw some leaves at Mom’s camera” too!

And so he did…

jed with leaves

Those two are so much fun! Except for maybe when Ella decides to pull all of the clothing out of the bottom drawer of her dresser, and then sit herself in it.

The drawer didn’t survive.

Not so much fun when they break things…


Does that face say “trouble” - or what?


I can’t believe that it’s November 1st!? I have yet to even TAKE the pictures for our Christmas card this year. I finally have an idea! Now, just to find the time to take all the kids out and get the pictures done. I wanted to do a whole family shot- but I think I’ve given in to the fact that it isn’t going to happen. So, I’m settling for pictures of the kids, and a separate picture of Scott and I. Not that anyone cares to see us on the card anyhow! I know they just want to see the kids. ;) Maybe I will work up the energy to take them all out tomorrow after school and attempt a group shot…


As for tonight, there is one, single, lonely laundry basket calling my name… For anyone who has ever seen my laundry piles- Can you believe I only have ONE basket of laundry to do!?!? Yay me!


Oh, and my talented friend Stef is hosting a GIVEAWAY on her blog for two of her amazing paintings!

Be sure to enter! :)


  1. Can I tell you more often how beautiful and joyful your children are? :)

    Christmas cards... yikes. I haven't done one in YEARS, and there has been a tremendous amount of freedom from that. I did do a postcard the Christmas after Christian died, but nothing last year. Maybe I'll do one this year... still debating with myself.

  2. Nana said...Wow! You can do a whole story just on Ella's expressions. Where does she get those wild looks from?
    I love Jed's coat. What a great shot of him throwing leaves at mom.

    Autumn is my favorite!! :)

  3. These are very nice pictures :)

    I just saw a nice deal on @ Boston Pizza, maybe you can take your kids! Donate $5, and get 5 kids meals free! Check it out!


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