Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bed head…

That pretty much describes our entire family today. All 9 of us are in serious need of some hair cuts. I am responsible for all of the kids’ hair cuts- which I will take care of tomorrow. After all, we can’t have them walking around looking like this…


Scott will go see his favourite barber… and I… I will attempt to give myself a much needed trim before the weekend.


I’m trying my very best to save every extra penny for Christmas shopping. I’ve done well so far! While I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight I said, “I get Old Navy coupons and I tell myself, ‘No, they don’t need any more clothes!’”


And then all three triplets in unison, piped up, “Then you go buy them anyways!”


Excuse me!?!?

I have been extremely frugal lately. Atleast according to my standards.


My darling husband on the other hand…

Today, we couldn’t find Ella’s black sweater that she was going to wear this Sunday. (All 4 girls have matching ones) We looked for hours- literally! I checked the van… everywhere we could think of. When Scott called and heard that I was annoyed over the sweater he said, “Where’d you get it? Worst case scenario- you go buy another one before Sunday.”

He always wants to see me happy, and make my life easier. Regardless of what it may cost him.

Remember the Nikon incident?…


By the way, we finally found the sweater. In Elijah's drawer. The 3rd time I sent him to check…


Hoping for a less busy, and more productive day tomorrow.


I’ll end with my new favourite picture of Elijah.

Just so you know that he doesn’t look that crazy all the time… ;)



  1. Awww. Which way does he like his hair best?

    My boys are lazy lookers. They think that standing in a room and scanning towards each walls counts as searching, hunting or looking. Ack.

  2. Definitely lazy lookers here too...

    He likes it cut pretty short. Mostly, cause he doesn't have to do it/get it done that way! :P


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