Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Wedding and a Giveaway!


So not to giveaway any of the real wedding pictures until the official “sneak peek”- but thought I’d share this one of my girls all ready to go get ready!DSC_0002 I definitely would not have wanted to be in this shot. I never realized how much I appreciate my makeup, until I had to go out without any! Thankfully, it was 8am on a Saturday, and my neighbours weren’t out and about yet.


I woke the girls up at 6am, and they for some reason, felt it necessary to wake up the rest of the children. I started curling hair and pinning it up right away. I started to stress out a bit as 7am rolled around, and sent kid after kid to go wake up Scott. Finally, at 7:30am he came downstairs and I was saying, “We have to leave now! I’m going to be late to get my hair and makeup done!” He looks at me, looks at the clock, and says, “Why are we leaving at 7:30???” I look at the clock… “Oops…”  Yeah, we didn’t have to leave until 8:30. Atleast everything was ready to go…


I took these pictures of my little brother when he was over the other day. My little brother who HATES to smile for the camera. I think that deep down- he’s a total ham in hiding!I mean, all I had to do is make fun of him a bit, and I got these!

robbie_jacs2 Robbie held onto my camera for parts of the reception while I was sitting at the head table. Here are a few of my favourite snapshots that he captured…


Stef making her grand entrance! :)


Ella trying to open Adam’s mouth… or something like that. She was just a tad bit exhausted and yet incredibly hyper at this point.


As you will see in this next series of pictures…


Brushing Grandma’s hair…


She can be a little rough sometimes…



Maybe Grandma wasn’t co-operating???


No matter what Prayer says…

She did not learn this method of hair-doing from me!

Oh boy… thanks for taking care of my camera for me Rob!


Lastly, I’ll be hosting two giveaways later this week.

hats collage

1. For a fall hat

2. For a local photo shoot, just in time for Christmas!


Just “like” my BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE for more details in a few days!


  1. Oh man, that is not nice!
    You should post the picture Jed took of YOU! ;P

  2. Nana said...I love the picture of the girls already to go get ready.

    Robbie is an up and coming photographer...nice shots of Ella and Grandma.
    I agree with Stef; you should post the picture that Jed took of YOU.

  3. Haha... I thought it was cute! I wouldn't have posted it if I thought it was a "bad" picture!

  4. I have been following your blog since you won one of the photo contests over at I Heart Faces. Your family is so beautiful! I have a sister that looks just like your girls.They remind me of her when she was younger. Anyways, I "liked" your facebook page.


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