Thursday, October 14, 2010

I’m Thankful For…

I had each of the kids write out five things that they were thankful for this Thanksgiving. The oldest 5 wrote exactly what you’d expect; my family, my friends, my church, my Bible, my country, my violin teacher… All good things that I’m glad my kids are thankful for.


Here’s how Jeddy’s list went:


1. My bathroom (Elijah told him a story about how when I was in Jamaica as a kid, and had to go to the bathroom when we were at a family members house out in the country- they took me to a hole in the backyard. If I remember correctly, I held it until we got back to the hotel.)


2. My toys (to be expected from a 4 year old)


3. My room (You know, where I store all those toys…. on the floor.)


4. My church (Though he was excited to visit FaithWay this past Sunday, and be in the “big boy” Sunday school class- he was awfully disappointed that he didn’t get to have a snack like in the nursery! Which leads to the next one…)


5. Food & Mom (It did say just “food”- but then like a lightbulb went off- he said, “Oh, and you! I’m thankful for you, Mom!” ha… Don’t bite off the hand that feeds you, right?)

DSC_0842 copy 

Last Saturday, they had a “One Day Wonder” sale at Old Navy- $60 coats for $16! The catch- they would open at 7am, the line up would cross the entire parking lot, and every single coat would be taken by 7:05. Keona and I decided that it was worth it! I woke her up at 6am. We got there at 6:30am, and we were 9th and 10th in line. The first two ladies in line had been there since 5:30am! I’m not THAT crazy… So maybe I am, but just too lazy! Scott was worried about Keona being trampled. I was worried about not being able to get the coats I wanted because I had to watch out for her. Turns out she only got pushed once! We got all 4 coats that we wanted, in the colours and sizes we wanted! Plus, we were the first to checkout! The line was still filing in as we walked past the now empty coat racks to check out…


At the $2 tank top event, I made the mistake of looking around after grabbing my tanks. Then I stood in line for half an hour…


Keona in her new coat


Just for memory’s sake… Tonight, I decided to practice an up-do on Eve’s hair since I wasn’t sure if it was long enough for what I envisioned. Once I was finished, and taking back out all the bobby pins, I told her that she’d have fun brushing it in the morning cause I had teased it quite a bit. She said, “Oh great! I’ll get you to do it SOFTLY.”


Then Prayer chimes in, (picture her combing the air vigorously with each word)


“Yeah, not like ‘If you would just. Comb. Your hair. Properly. I wouldn’t. Have. To do this!!!’


And all three of us broke out laughing at her impersonation of me.


You know what they say, “Never let your Mom comb your hair when she’s angry!”


The funny thing is, I can remember my sister and I making fun of our Mom for the same thing…


  1. not sure if you're interested, but there will be a $10 sweater sale at Old Navy this saturday i believe. Those $16 Coats sound like an awesome deal!

  2. LoL! We always said the same thing at our house, Jac! :-P

  3. that is an amazing deal on those coats!

    my boys don't even own coats... we just double up on a hoodie and a jacket when we go north. :) i'm ready for cooler weather though. it was in the upper 80s again today. blech.

  4. lol... I remember both Mom and you doing that. Plus Polly and Maryanne - I must have been brats.

  5. Oh, the money we would save if we didn't live in Canada. Crazy hot summers, and freezing (literally) cold winters. We have to own wardrobes for two seperate climates!


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