Friday, September 24, 2010

Just for fun!

Cause I’ve grown weary of this 365 thing. Mostly, because I’m tired. I like to take pictures when I’m inspired to- not because “I have to have one for today!” Life has gotten busy. I have photo shoots to edit, hats to make, not to mention, 6 kids to teach, and then all the housewife/mom stuff! :P


So, I just needed to take a break from the 365 and blog! I’ll catch up on posting this week’s pictures later.


Let’s see… we seem to have somewhat figured out a routine for our schoolwork. We did accidentally skip geography this week, but that isn’t the end of the world. Ella is now saying her ABC’s as well as Jeddy, and she knows all of her colours! Today the girls asked her, “What colour is Mommy’s purse?” She said, “It’s black. I don’t like it!” So they said, “Aw, you don’t like Mommy’s purse?!” To which she replied, “No. I don’t like black.”


Our household will never lack opinions.


Eve wrote a story today for English, about a boy named Scott who liked to brag about how good he was at baseball… Until one day, he was bragging- and then he struck out! The EMPIRE told him that maybe he shouldn’t brag anymore, and so he never bragged again…


She claims that it was about a fictional Scott- not her dad…

(Note: all three triplets had to write a story about Baseball, and all three of them called the umpire either “empire” or “emperor.” Just gave me a little laugh.)


Jeddy, has gotten over his “I don’t like school anymore” attitude, and is now having fun learning his letter sounds, and numbers. Frog stickers are his biggest motivation. He’ll do anything for just one more froggy sticker!


Keona is growing up. I love it when I’m out and I see something that makes me think of one of my kids, and I can grab it for them. I am not a parent who feels like I have to bring something home for everyone. I don’t show favouritism, but if I see something for someone  it’s always fun to surprise them. Keona’s purse strap broke a few weeks ago, and when I was out shopping with Scott for my birthday, I saw a turquoise purse that I wanted to get for her. He wouldn’t let me get it, and said that if she had a purse in that horrific colour- he had to know that SHE chose it. Ha! When I told her about it, she was mildly disappointed and insisted that she LOVES turquoise. SO, when I was in Payless this week grabbing shoes for some of the kids, BOGO was on and I only had 3 items. I looked around for a purse but there weren’t any turquoise ones… I grabbed her a nice purple one and as I headed to the cash I noticed a turquoise wallet on the shelf. The only one left, and it was on sale for half price! So I got the purse and the turquoise wallet both for half price, and she loved them!


Elijah’s new thing is, “Why?” I’m thinking that we’ve been here before…. Except now he’s asking why we say no to things. And why he isn’t allowed to do things that his sisters do and so on.


“Because I’m the Momma- that’s why!”

(My mom had a sign in the kitchen with that quote on it when we were growing up)


I don’t really say that, (my mom never did either) but after being asked “why” for the 500th time- I think I could justify it. ;) He’s a smart kid. He’s very analytical- much like myself. Scary...


When Scott and I did a personality test, I was Analyzer/Regulator, while he was Regulator/Energizer. My teacher told me that our relationship would never last. That was 11 years ago… Though, I will admit to butting heads more then a few times- probably due to our “regulator” tendencies. :)


Lastly, on the drive home from violin today, Elijah was asking Ella, “Do you love, Eve?” “Do you love, Prayer?” He got to, “Do you love Dad?” And she said, “No. I love my hunny! Dad my hunny!”


He says that she almost makes him want another girl…

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  1. I love it when you buy something for a child and they are completely excited about it. :) Little surprises are a great way to let them know they are special.

    Ella and her hunny... that is precious beyond words! That makes ME want a daughter!!!


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