Saturday, September 11, 2010


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Happy 4th Birthday, Jeddy!


After making a roast beef dinner for a friend, making food for our ladies’ meeting, dropping off food, and going to the ladies’ meeting with the girls- we stopped at Walmart for an impromptu “Chocolate airplane cake” at Jed’s request. I did plan to make something extravagant for him- but time passed by too quickly. So we bought a $9.99 fudge cake and stuck a green model airplane that we bought for him on top. He was just as pleased with this as he would have been with my 8hr, marshmallow fondant, airplane cake. I realize that sometimes the things that I think are so important to do for my kids, are actually more for ME then for THEM… I’m learning. Although, I still owe him a giant chocolate chip cookie! ;)


He was given money from his great grandma and from his great grandpa, and now not only does he think that he is rich, he also expects to see money in every card that he opens…

What does he plan to spend all of this money on?

Three alarm clocks.


Happy 4th birthday to my adorably, dimpled, little, kindergarten buddy!


Did I mention how excited he was to start kindergarten?

Cause two days in, he declared that he doesn’t want to “do school” anymore. Ha…

Love you, Jeddy.

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  1. Nana said...I love how lit up his face is, and not from the candles his expression is so cute.
    Love you Jeddy!!


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