Tuesday, September 7, 2010



“Nostalgic” – for some reason that word makes me feel old…


I referred to someone as “a kid” the other day- and then realized that when I was their age, I was married, owned my own house, and had 4 kids…


Scott and I got to go out shopping on a date for my birthday. I desperately needed a new pair of everyday shoes. My toe was about to poke out the front of my old ones at any given moment. We went to Aldo, Town, Spring, some other trendy place where they say “buy one get two free” but really they just charge you the price of three pairs for the first one… I’ve always had big feet, I accept that. Size 9’s, size 10’s after several pregnancies- but this time I had to ask for an ELEVEN!?!?


“I’m sorry, we don’t carry shoes that big.”


Back to Payless I went- where my feet still fit into a good ole size 10…


  1. You are anything BUT old! and won't be for many years!

  2. Looking at "1983" makes me feel old. That wasn't very long ago! The 70s are getting further and further away. You know it's bad when the music you listened to in high school or college has been relegated to the "Mix" stations. Not that I listen to the radio or anything anymore.


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