Sunday, September 5, 2010



Keona’s first pair of heels


This child grew 3 shoe sizes this summer. In one season! Craziness… I have a feeling that she’s heading for size 10’s like her mom… Poor girl.


So I took her to Payless to look for some new shoes, and there were so many nice black ones on sale! (Must be the back to school time) There were some for $12 and some for $15… Then, Keona pointed out these ones. They were on sale too… for $27.


When we got home, Scott asked why I bought her those ones. I explained that she was willing to take the $12 pair- but I could see that she really liked the heels. That didn’t make sense to him. So, I just reminded him of the time that he bought her a $50 rock for her fish tank. A fifty dollar rock. As in 5-0. Because she was so cute when she asked him. He didn’t say anything else… 


Now she just has to learn how to walk in them without spraining her ankle…


  1. Nana said...Well, she isn't a little girl anymore you know. After all she is 10. Very pretty shoes Keona!

    Next time, tell Scott to call me......I'll sell him a rock for $50.00 :)

  2. Do you have Dillard's near you? Ours has shoes for 70% off right now. I got five pairs for $15-20 each. Just fyi. :)

    My boys have two pairs of shoes each. Crocs for everyday and tennis shoes for dressier occasions. Sad, huh? One day they will care... and learn to TIE shoes (even if I've taught them how to tie at least 3 times over the years. Oi.)

  3. Cute story.


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