Friday, August 20, 2010


That’s Jeddy’s newest word.

As in, “Whobody wants to come play Wii with me!?”


This child continuously amazes me with his made-up vocabulary.

Though, I do know where he gets it from.

Just ask anyone who has played Scrabble with Scott…


Elijah, has a new obsession with Robin Hood…

DSC_0885 We were at Value Village book-hunting a few weeks ago, when I saw an old children’s version of Robin Hood. I picked it up thinking that Elijah would enjoy it a few years from now. He read the entire book by the next day. Scott picked it up and started reading it out loud to me… it was quite a graphic version. Kinda like the old Little Red Riding Hood book, where grandma actually got eaten by the wolf! Not like the newer ones where the wolf just stuffs her in a closet. It was written for children… it just had a lot of war detail in it. Like at the end of the book, where he goes to this lady (who’s name I can’t remember) and she’s going to “bleed him” in order to save his life (or so he thinks anyways) and she locks him in a room, and leaves him there to bleed to death. Then, Little John breaks down the door, but it’s too late. Robin Hood requests his bow and arrow one last time. He shoots an arrow out the window, and where it lands, marks the place he was buried.


Yeah, my 6 year old read this. He just told me today, that he plans to read it again next week.


I can’t complain.

Atleast he enjoys reading…

I guess?



*Oh, and don’t forget to check out Nadine and John’s engagement pictures!

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