Monday, August 9, 2010

How I’ve missed you

Windows Live Writer…


And I thought that the summer would be LESS busy! And I would have MORE time to blog… HA! Praise the Lord we’ve been busy.

Good news- we sold our old van!

Bad news- our Wii died.

Good news- my camera isn’t actually broken.

Bad news- we didn’t find that out until Scott had gone to purchase a new one so I’d be covered for my upcoming shoots. Good news- my sister is getting a really good deal on a camera.


That kind of sums up the last week and a half.. a roller coaster of “good news!” and “Bad news…”


I would love to stick around and write more, but I’m going to catch up on all my 365 blog posts. I have a whole desktop full of pictures waiting to be posted! :)


Prayer napping with Papa on a Sunday afternoon.

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