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Dreams are expensive, and yet, they are free. They are for you alone, and yet they are for everyone. They can be for an instant, or they can last until the end of time. They can be common placed, or never before seen by man. Dreams are special, and dreams are gifts.


Partake as you wish and bask in the place of your choice as you dream. See the future, or past, or present as you would. Consider things from your perspective, in your mind, in your own way, if you choose. Your dreams can ensnare you forever, they can deceive you, and they can even rob you of you.


Dreams can reveal who you are. Your dreams, filled with what you are and think, show the deepest part of you; the part you may have wished to hide, or the part you may have thought you could never be. Perhaps in your dreams you are a hero, or a king. Maybe you are a moral and giving leader, or an immoral and selfish coveter. Perhaps your dream is a warning of what you may become if you do not change your state of mind or change what you put in your mind. Any which way you dream, pay attention, for each dream is worthy of consideration.


Through dreams nations have been built. Dreams turned to idea, churned into policy and preached until revolution, have led countless billions from freedom to atheist utopia’s deception, or from tyranny to democracy’s release. A dream of freedom is the spark that causes the effort required to reach it. No pen was ever breached by a captive creature until they realized their desire to be freed. Imagine if you were no longer a slave, and dream of life accountable to only God, and you will feel the fuel of the dream that has changed the world in the past centuries. Dream of release from that authority of God, and you will be bound by the fetters that have enslaved the world since the day it began. In dreams there is power to free and to bind. Be cautious whose dreams you take for your own, for in dreams is the power to take captive the faith and the souls of men.


Dreams inspire. Simply state, “I have a dream!” and some will listen. Have a dream that others can share and they will even share it. Give that dream to them in full and you could just change the planet. Dream big, dream loudly, or dream alone.

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Dreams are gifts. Perhaps enjoyed for a lifetime, and then passed gently upon the minds of the next generation are our dreams. Remember, the Pyramids were once dreams. The Great Wall was once a dream. Space shuttles were once dreams. Even automatic doors were once just a dream. The first car was a dream. A new world of plenty, and a passage to China by sea were once dreams. The photograph, or today, the digital photo were dreams. The Panama Canal was a dream. An airplane was a dream. The ability to talk to someone directly and electronically on the other side of the planet instantly was a dream just recently realized. What will be next? Dreams are a power given by God, but sometimes, and often, misused by man. For a Godless society was a dream, a Godless evolution was a dream, the Nuclear bomb was a dream, and the gun, and nerve gas, and such like. Man has taken the power given by God to evolve within our limits and used such a gift to dominate and own each other. You have no right before God to use your dreams to harm.


Dream according to truth. The imagination can run wild, literally, taking us to the carnal, natural, animal-like nature that we must, by truth, bring into captivity. The battle of the world is a battle for the mind. The one who can possess your dreams and desires can control your destiny. Be careful whom you allow into your dreams. The world today sells countless fictional imaginations, so much so, that an entire generation can live and die and never even consider the truth. Imagine a world that is only half viewed, and slightly known, because it’s viewers are too busy viewing something that is simply imagination. We can only spend so much time in our dreams before we must face reality. Don’t die without ever opening your eyes to see what’s actually here.


This entire universe was once a dream. Captive in the mind of the Creator, and spoken into existence, all that we enjoy, and in fact, even all that we are was a dream brought to life. It is His nature to dream and create. He planned it all and formed it thus. The exact distance from the exact temperature of the sun, for this exact sized planet moving at the exact speed in space, with its exactly needed axis tilt and rotation speed, with its exactly balanced water and air and earth, to support this exact echo system was all planned and made by the very hands of the One who dreamt it. And, might I say in truth, it runs quite well. For all the thousands of years that we have recorded, the Pyramids still echo back the accuracy of the dream that is the creation of God. To close your eyes and dream of a Godless creation is to simply live in a dream world that could never exist.

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So dream, little man, and copy your Creator. Use what He has provided to subdue the earth, and better your productivity and profit. It is His nature you copy. But to take that which has been given to spite and spit in His face and harm those, whom He loves, is to copy that nature which is exactly contrary to Him. Dream to help.


So then go ahead, dream of your children, and grand children, and your dream house, and your desired destiny in life. Have a vision, and a plan, and go after it with your might, according to His desires. Be a dreamer, and dare to go beyond the normal dreamless life. Have a purpose and seek it, and if so be, dream again and go after that. The life without a dream is no life at all.


Dream of the future for a moment, for only God can know it. Consider what He revealed to those prophets passed that foretold of our days. Imagine with that insight provided the world system that evolves before us. It is exactly as they had dreamt. So many times over, a world that had but one place to end up, and but one dark destiny to uphold. Awaiting their dream, of a one who can give them peace without truth, and a world without the true God, and blessing without the Blesser, they dream to one end. That end is sure, foreseen, and simply in waiting. My friend, through God’s eyes you can dream of the future, and turn to His truth for the answer, salvation in Christ.

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“The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD.” - Jeremiah 23:28


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