Thursday, August 12, 2010

Conversations with the kids.

And a few random photos. Just for fun…


Are these two not the cutest little three-legged race team you’ve ever seen!?


Jeddy is starting to get over the whole, “Well, then I’ll just…” stage.



Me: Jed, you are too short to ride the ghoster coaster at Wonderland.

Jeddy: Well, then I’ll just go on anyways.

Me: Jed, the people who work there will stop you. They won’t let you passed the gate.

Jeddy: Well, then I’ll just climb over the gate and jump on the ride!

Me: Then they will call security and the police will make you leave the park.

Jeddy: Well, then I’ll just fight the police with my lightsaber and go back in the park.

Me: Jed, police have guns. Do you really think you can fight a gun with a plastic light saber?

Jeddy: Well, then I’ll just block all the bullets!


…and so on.

You get the point. We had a different conversation that followed this same pattern almost every day.

I’m relieved that it’s over. :)


Keona came to me with a Star Wars book that they borrowed from the library today and said, “Um… I don’t think you should let anyone read this. It’s about cannibals. It’s really disgusting. They cut people’s arms off and make stew out of them and stuff. Elijah will definitely have nightmares.” Ugh… and I thought these Star Wars books were safe. Cannibals!? At least she came and told me about it. Back to skimming every book before they read them…


Elijah told me tonight, “Mom, I am so excited about going to Nana and Papa’s house! Whenever I get so excited like this, my head feels like it will explode!”  Wow. That’s pretty excited, hun… :)


I was looking at wedding pictures this week and there was a shot of the bride and groom kissing with some nice bokeh in the background. Charity asked if it was fireworks, and I said, “No, hun. Just lights.” So she continued on, “Well, when I get married, and my husband and I have our first kiss- I want big fireworks to go off over top of us!”  I decided that I better make note of this so that I can remind her one day.


Jeddy’s plans: to have all boys when he grows up, and to name ALL of them “Robbie!”


Just had to post this picture because I love the expressions. The little boy in the front is Elijah’s new buddy at church. They always sit together in Sunday School. The boy behind him is his brother, and he’s in Jed’s class. But Jeddy would rather sit with Jessica

DSC_0342 “GO HUNNY!”

(He actually won the race, too!)

Today, we are headed off to London together for a wedding. I am very much looking forward to spending the weekend away with him. He’s in the wedding, and I’m doing hair for the wedding, so it should be fun! Then on Saturday, I’m shooting another outdoor wedding- one that I am incredibly excited about! Hopefully my head doesn’t “explode” from all the excitement! ;)


Oh, and I just remembered this and had to share. I was measuring the girls for their dresses for Nadine’s wedding- and Keona and Ella have the same waist measurement! Is that crazy? I mean, I know Ella has that cute little pudgy belly and all… but they were BOTH 21 inches!


  1. Nana said...You better get Elijah here soon before his head explodes!! :)

  2. It looks like everyone had so much fun! Your camera is awesome and takes great pics! Such a great sport the Dad's were to race as well-lol! So cute!

  3. I love the look on Eve's face and the hands on the hips - in the picture behind Elijah racing... I can just hear her wanting to tell him how its done! Me thinks Keona has to eat more!!! But that's what Grandmas always think!

  4. Those pics are so joyful and fun!

    Jeddy... he's my kind of boy. Full of spunk and a can-do spirit. :)

    Have fun at the wedding. I can't wait to see your pictures! I hope there are fireworks when they kiss.


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