Tuesday, August 31, 2010



So much for my no-more-last-minute, oh-so-very-sad 365 pictures…


I HAVE however, eaten a Michelina’s after 9pm, every single night this week. Good thing Scott knows what he’s doing and stocked up on them. You’d think he’s been through this before… ;)


And tonight, I threw in a cheese bagel, with cream cheese on it just for good measure. Cause you know, the Michelina’s didn’t have enough saturated trans fat on it’s own…

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  1. Hi Jac,

    I must say I have been truly truly blessed by your blog over the past few months. You have been an inspiration to me especially when I think I'm so tired and have nothing else to give. Then I think of you with your children and I have only two, haha! :) Congratulations on your pregnancy. I've been cleaning out our basement and have lots of still-good baby and toddler items to give away. Is there anything you need? I'd love for these items to go to a good home which I know you have. :) Just let me know. I live in north Oshawa and my e-mail is chris@adap.org.



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