Thursday, August 19, 2010



“Say Cheeese!”


OK… so I don’t really ask them to say cheese anymore- but I did ask Ella to give me a big smile. This is what I got…

When I said, “That’s not a smile! I want a real smile!” She replied with. “I is smilin’ Mom!” And then repeated this cheesy, half-smile.


Yesterday in the van, Charity asked me a question and before I had time to think about my answer- Ella shouts up, “Mom! Mom! Charity talkin’ you!”


Apparently, Ella doesn’t believe in “ing”- everything ends with “in’”…


My sweet little Ellie has become pretty argumentative. Especially when it comes to her brothers. I hear, “No! I isn’t!!!” Atleast 50 times a day…

She can also give a mean cut-eye.

Oh well, atleast she uses her pronouns properly.

Sort of…


With Jed, everything was “me”…

“Me isn’t going.”

“Me doesn’t want to.”



What can I say?

Girls are just smarter.


  1. I think it might be because girls are more particular!

    Have you ever asked her to do a fake laugh?

  2. Yes, girls are smarter... well at least at that age! Oh and she gets the cut eye from Mommy!


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