Tuesday, August 17, 2010



And down he goes…


I must admit that it was my bright idea, for Robbie to try and pick up both the boys for a picture… but he was laughing so hard that he could keep his grip, and here is Jeddy about to hit the ground. Don’t worry- he got up laughing!


Robbie has been such a huge help to have around this summer! When I took all the kids to the mall, and Jeddy had to go to the bathroom- Robbie took him, and made what would normally turn into a 20minute-everyone-decides-they-have-to-go trip into about 2 minutes. (He’s good at hurrying them along!) Plus, I kept shopping while he took the boys… Bonus! He carries water bottles upstairs and puts them on the cooler for me. He helps the kids with their chores. He always asks me what he can do to help out. He helps us find the lost library books. He runs back to the house to get stuff we forgot. He plays sports with the kids outside so that I don’t have to! ;) He unlocks stuff for us on Mario Kart! Plus, he doesn’t let bossy-Bessy Keona be so bossy! (By the way, I’m missing my bossy-Bessy right about now! She’s at camp all week!) Other than when he makes fun of how “healthy” we eat… he’s the perfect little (big) brother!


P.S. Robbie, you better not tell anyone about how we’ve broken our healthy streak with hamburgers and french fries! Or about how I ate an entire box of Lofthouse cookies by myself this week. Only noticing that they were 180 calories each when there was one left!

I begged Scott to eat it, that last one- but he refused. So I was forced to finish it off… What’s 180 calories x 10 cookies? Ugh… it’s depressing. That’s what it is…

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  1. Since i'm catching up on my reading, you have a good excuse to eat a whole box of cookies now, so don't feel bad... that hamburger I ate at Denny's yesterday was fully warrented.... the baby wanted it!!!


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