Monday, August 16, 2010



“Happy face!”


Ella is not quite as obsessed with happy faces as Jeddy was. Every time that I sat with him to draw, he would ask me to draw a happy face- and then he would insist on colouring it in green! Her obsession is with hands. Hands, and monsters… Yep… she is forever asking me to draw her monsters! I think she quite enjoyed the Monsters Inc. movie. She does kind of sound like “Boo”… 


We bought everyone pencil boxes and some back-to-school supplies- she keeps stealing Jeddy’s stuff. To which he replies, “This is mine, Ella! Por kindergarden!” (I do know how to spell- that’s just how he says it!) Then she argues, “No! My pencil!” while she pushes his face away and knocks him off the chair. Yeah, she has no problem defending herself against her big brothers! ha! Then she feels bad and says, “Oh! This yours Jeddy! Here…” I think I’ll be buying her a pencil box all of her own. So that in between teaching lessons- I can trace hands and draw monsters. :)

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