Wednesday, August 11, 2010



The very first thing he does with his new magnifying glass…. 

If you look real close- you can see smoke.

Why am I not surprised? For some reason, I can totally picture Scott doing this as a kid…


Notice the sweat on his forehead? He had been outside for like 5 minutes! So thankful for my central air, set at a perfect 24 degrees!

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  1. Oh my goodness-My son came in yesterday with a small ticket half burned-that he did with his new magnifying glass too! I had to tell him to be really careful and not set anything on fire.Ya right?(it doesn't help that his Dad-my darling hubby taught them both how to do that!) Him:"but Daddy showed us how to burn our names into the wood out back!" Me:"well do it only with Him then....

    fun!! (and so cool to have caught it on film!)


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