Thursday, August 5, 2010



You know that book, “I’ll Love You Forever”?


Sometimes, I feel like that Mom. There are many nights, that I sneak into my kids’ rooms, and just sit there and watch them sleep. I don’t actually pick them up to rock them and sing… but I admire their sweet, peaceful little faces, pray over them, and wonder how they grew so quickly. Amazed by how blessed I am, and how loved I feel on a daily basis.


That book will always be a favourite of mine.


  1. PaPa say"s
    What page is Ella kicking me out of my bed, over, and over again on?

  2. I love that book, even though my sisters (before they had their own kids) totally laughed their heads off at the ridiculousness of the ladder and climbing into the window to rock the adult son. :)

    But I treasure that book... and Guess How Much I Love You. Something about "to the moon and back" that has always made me tear up!

    I love to stare at my kids at night too. Often I feel guilty for having lost my temper or not having played one more game of Uno. It is definitely a peaceful time and one of reflection.


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