Friday, July 9, 2010

I’ve made a friend…

He only pays attention to me when Scott isn’t here.


He likes to snuggle up to my neck, and nibble on my ear…





Now if only we could get Toad to love us when Scott is around!

I think, that he thinks, Scott is his Mom…

If any of us go near him while Scott has him, he squeaks at us and tries to bite.

Ella will go poke him and then run away saying, “Code, bite me! Bite me!”

Jeddy wants him anyways, and says, “I just don’t care if he bites me. I just put him on my head!”


I, on the other hand… prefer not to be bitten.


  1. Nana said...I'm with Jed! I just tell toad I'm not scarred of him and he just squeaks and then gets over it........for a while LOL :)

  2. not sure what is worse, to be bitten or to be pooped on. can i say poop on here? wanting to keep it family friendly and all! ;)


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