Friday, July 30, 2010

Hair, Hair, and more… Hair!

First of all, here are the before and after pictures of Keona and Somiya.



First Keona wanted to keep it long. Then, she saw Somiya’s and wanted to cut it short but her hair cut was already done. Today, she told me that she’s growing it down to her waist so that she can cut it and donate it to Locks of Love… Indecisive, just a bit?


They picked out those matching shirts and scarves at Old Navy. Every year, Scott buys Keona a necklace for her birthday. This year, she picked pearls. Apparently, she “has always wanted pearls!”


And as for the triplets…


It won’t be so hard to tell them apart anymore!


Prayer got the bangs that she has been asking for…


Charity got the layers that she wanted…  


And Eve… She got to “be different” like she wanted.

She’s loving the shorter hair!

my little ham

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  1. I love all the haircuts/styles and all the pictures - beautiful kids and photography!:)


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