Friday, July 9, 2010

Green Gables

First of all, you will have to forgive all of these SOOC photos. I cannot imagine taking the time to edit all of them right now. I feel like I can’t keep up with the ones I take daily! Nevermind a week of compiling…


OK… here we go!


The girls and I agreed, that the next time we go- we’ll have the boys drop us off and they can go somewhere else. They weren’t the least bit interested. (Read: party-poopers!)


The first day, we went to the house where L.M. Montgomery grew up. There were so many interesting, old items preserved. I loved the old bookcases with first edition, autographed copies were kept.


Same room with more books.


The mantle that LM Montgomery was married in front of.


The organ that was played at her wedding, and is still in good working condition.


There were all sorts of little quotes from her books, and diaries hung up around the house. They were fascinating to read. The girls weren’t all that interested in stopping to read every single one like I was, but I had time to read several of them. Learning that “Anne of Green Gables” was rejected 5 times, by 5 different publishers, before it was accepted and put into print.


I loved all of the old wooden furniture. The girls were equally intrigued by the rooms in Green Gables.


Anne’s room.


A servant’s room… I can’t remember what they called it.


I also loved all of the old artwork. I could have spent hours in the house. 


The girls wanted to buy Anne dolls at the souvenir shop… I suggested they NOT spend every dime on a tiny little doll. I also told them that I had seen full sized Anne dolls in Value Village for less than the keychain ones… Now I have to keep my eye out for them! :)


They had a “Matthew’s Carriage ride” outside. They charged $50 for half an hour- but we couldn’t all fit in the carriage! The man was taking a break anyways, so he brought all the kids into the barn and let them pet the horses and see them up close instead. Jeddy kept calling the old man “Matthew.” We think that he actually thought it WAS Matthew from the movie. He must have fallen asleep before the part where Matthew dies…


The Lake of Shining waters was just as gorgeous in person, as Anne raved about in the movie.


Have I mentioned that I would move to PEI in a heartbeat?

OK.. maybe not really… but the landscape is just breathtaking!

Imagine THAT being your backyard growing up???


I marvel at God’s amazing creation.


  1. Nana said...Wow it looks like you had a great time. You should have sent Scott and the boys somewhere; it looks like there was so much to see.
    Oh, I have one of those books in the glass book case; Oma gave it to me a few weeks ago. It isn't first edition though it's 1917.
    "Anne's House of Dreams"
    I love all the pictures. Can I go with you next time?? :)

  2. yay pictures-Somiya will be so excited! I agee-I would love waking up to that everyday!

  3. I love going to places like that for the reasons of seeing the way life used to be like, and how wonerfully, beauitfully simple it was, and it reminds me, to cut some of the crazy out of my own life, as much as possible. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. Yes - gorgeous! and I want to go too! Lets make a caravan!


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