Thursday, July 29, 2010

DOuble digits…


My baby, the one who kept me in labour for two days- she turned 10 today.


I always knew she was growing up. I always said that I was excited to see who she’d become. People always told me how quickly the time would go. I didn’t believe them. Those baby and toddler days seem so long. But I look back, and the years seem so short.


Keona has always been very opinionated. She was never afraid to tell someone how she felt, or that she thought they were wrong. I love that about her. She can be stubborn and bossy at times. I’m an oldest child too- so I get it.


She doesn’t like being corrected. Her eyes give her away. And yet, she is always humble enough to admit she was wrong. Though, it may take her a few minutes. I think Scott and I can both relate to that one.


She loves people. She respects them. Whether it be her friend, the slow old man walking in front of us, or the purple-haired employee at Old Navy. She “shows no favouritism”- as my kids like to say.


She loves God. Above all, I believe she wants to please Him. Whether she is a missionary, a teacher, or “just a Mom”… she is excited about figuring out what God’s will for her life is.


May she never lose that excitement.


Happy 10th Birthday!


P.S. You are definitely my favourite oldest daughter! ;)

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  1. Happy Birthday Keona!!! My Mom used to always call me "her favourite oldest daughter" too :). I hope you had a wonderful day full of blessings and love!


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