Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Completely Random, still sitting on my desktop, waiting to be filed, items….

Scott and I, mid-water fight at the family BBQ…

Thanks once again, Nadine…

Who, by the way, is engaged!!!

Congratulations! :)


Jeddy, touching the snake at the mall. I did have my phone with me, but it wasn’t ready in time for the “ginormous” toad.


Jeddy, and his buddy Jessica, after church on a Sunday night. She wore her shades in the morning, so he had to wear his that night! They’re so cute.

(another camera phone pic!)


“Here Mom, hold my toad!”


Had someone send me this pic online.

I can’t remember where it was from, but they sell cards with phrases like this…

I thought it was hilarious!


My favourite pic from our vacation…

I still have tons of others to share as well! Just trying to get caught up on business photos first. :)

 elijah and el on sand dune

And… our whole family in our Old Navy Canada Day shirts! Gotta love Old Navy’s sales…

I had pictured us in these shirts, standing in a field, with tall grass blowing in the wind, and maybe even the sun setting behind us, using my tripod and remote…

Instead, I got this. A photo in our hotel room, right after swimming for 2 hours, with my camera balanced on some Nancy Drew books, and a son who would not quit making funny faces.

Will have to do! :)

canada shirts

Poor Eve… (in the grey)

We accidentally got her a ladies’ medium, instead of a girls’…

The 80’s knot-in-your-shirt, came in handy. ;)



And last but not least…

Keona’s first solo in church- right before Scott preached on Sunday night.

Thanks for taping it, Nana!


  1. Nana said...Sorry it was the first time I used your camera; I missed the beginning of the song because I forgot to take the lens cap off. Then I couldn't see right to focus. She sounded so good.
    Now I can listen to her over and over again. :)
    You did a great job Keona.

  2. Way to go, Keona! She has such a beautiful and clear voice.


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