Saturday, July 24, 2010



Great Grandpa and Toad


He didn’t actually bite him… It just looks like it.


We had our annual July BBQ, in honour of the 5 birthdays we celebrate in July. And once again, Scott BBQ’d in the rain. It’s tradition.

Actually, it poured. Adam had to hold the giant golf umbrella several feet above Scott and the BBQ to try and keep things dry. I stayed inside and laughed. And took pictures. Which I’ll post tomorrow. :)


Ella was carrying around an empty gift bag, so Grandma decided to put some change in it for her. Then, Great-Grandpa put some change in it for her. And just like that- she had more money in her “purse” than I did. Later on we fed the money to her piggy. Actually, Keona’s piggy- which now belongs to Ella. And just like I used to with Keona, every time she dropped a coin in, I said, “Mmm, yum-yum-yum!”  And she laughs hysterically.

Just like Keona used to…


And I started a whole bunch of sentences with “and”… what can I say? It’s summer break! :P

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