Thursday, July 15, 2010


kids at park

Sand, anyone?


Why would you put a splash pad right beside a park full of sand? Why not, woodchips? Or, that foam-ground stuff? Or even pebbles? But sand it is…


Mind you, this picture was taken right after they decided to roll around in it… and right before they ran through the splash pad again.


Did I mention that our neighbour had a squirrel sitting on his shoulder today? He was petting it, and feeding it.

Who does that???


Last Sunday, when this same squirrel tried to climb Scott’s leg, we debated over whether it was rabid, or blind.


OK… I’ll admit- the blind squirrel thing was my idea.

Brilliant- I know.

Scott’s response, “So that’s where the girls get it from…” 

In my defence- after it sat on his shoe, it just stayed there on the path for like 3 minutes. Like it didn’t know where it was going… OR… like it couldn’t SEE where it was going.

Atleast I didn’t suggest that it “thought he was a giant walking tree” PRAYER…


It seems we were all mistaken, and the little creature was just trying to mooch some food…

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  1. Love the smile on the girls faces!

    Blind squirrel? Ummm... not sure what to say to that!


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