Thursday, July 8, 2010


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Everyone was in bed, and I remembered that I hadn’t taken a 365 today. SO much running around lately! Not time for fun stuff. Like taking pictures… Taking pictures of myself… not so fun. I saw a photo project recently, where you take “raw” self-portraits. Like first thing in the morning. No makeup, hair undone etc.. I’m definitely not there yet.

Maybe one day!


Though, I do look back and wish there were more pictures of my mom. Or more pictures of Scott and I when we were dating. Or when we just got married. I need more pictures of me with the kids. I think I have to teach the kids how to use my camera. Though that kinda scares me… Scott says that he wants to learn how to use it, but I don’t think he really does.


So, I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to colour with pastels. Do you colour softly and have it look like crayon? Or hard, And have it smudge? The girls and I had fun with it either way! I love how they think everything I draw is so amazing! ha… I remember thinking the same thing about my mom’s drawings as a kid. How our perspectives change… (sorry mom! :) The last time I drew an apple, and was so proud of how “Real” it looked- Jed called it a donut. Atleast today, Ella knew that my picture was of “Keena!” I love days like this. Whether it’s rain, or the insane 40 degree humidity that keeps us inside…


  1. But you could have taken a picture of your drawing....not that I didn't enjoy the picture of you. I admire anyone who can take a picture of themselves and end up still looking cute :)

  2. I remember the first time I saw my mom draw a house. I thought it was divine! And amazing that she would come up with the brilliant idea to put curtains on the windows. I still draw houses just like she did when I was little, and my boys are impressed!

    I like to draw hard and smudge it. There is beauty in the smudge.

    I need more pics of myself with the kids. And a few more of just David and I would be very nice. Time to get the tripod and remote out!

  3. you're beautiful!!! :)

  4. I agree whole completely with Joy-Anna-I am curious about your pastel drawing now-and the kids too!

  5. Yes Jaclyn you are beautiful! More pics of you! and don't worry about the drawings - I knew they weren't that great -but loved it that you and your sister were so impressed!

  6. Love the pic, Jac! You look great!


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