Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catch up!

Wow, hard to believe how much time has passed since I have done a blog other than my daily 365… Maybe this whole 365 thing was a bad idea… It gives me an excuse not to do a “real” blog everyday. Though, I am looking forward to looking back at the end of the year and having a picture to show for every single day. Wow…

DSC_0112That is one pointy tongue!


So, this past weekend our church had the annual “Faith Harbour Week” conference. It was such a blessing. I heard a total of 8 sermons from Friday- Sunday, and it was as if every one of them was preached right to me. I needed them all. This week, we have our final music lessons and year-end recital. I am really looking forward to the break from going out every day. Though we will probably still go out, I guess it’s different when it’s optional! ;)


I have officially ordered all of our curriculum and music books for next year, and feel as if I can relax now. I learned my lesson last year when I waited until the last minute and then was in such a rush to get everything together the week before school! Jeddy is super excited to start kindergarten! Me? Not so much… Kindergarten is definitely not my favourite grade to teach. Though I must say, when you start off the year with a child who doesn’t even know all of his letters, and at the end of the year, they can read the Bible out loud… That’s pretty rewarding. So probably the most frustrating AND rewarding of all the grades so far. I cannot believe that Keona is starting grade 6!!!

keona pic3 bw

It was just the other day that I sent her off to kindergarten with little pigtails…

keona pic2

I remember feeling like big-stuff in grade 6. FIrst year of “junior high”…

Oh man, here we go!


Back to Jeddy …

Tonight, he came up to me after dinner and said, “ You know I love you so much Mom! I loves you so much only because you make me cornbread.”


Me- “Only because I make you cornbread?”


Jeddy- “Yep! Can I go find my toad now?”


He’s a character.

DSC_0484 copy

But I must admit- the cornbread was good. It was my first attempt at it, and it was an incredibly simple recipe.

It tastes exactly like Montana’s cornbread…

A must try!


Scott said we should do a take off of “Crocodile Hunter”- except “Toad Hunter.” I thought it might be a little distasteful… But I could totally see Jed doing something like that. If it’s slimy, or creep-crawly- he wants to catch it and carry it around with him. Strange little boy, he is.

DSC_0074 My little ones after a long morning at the zoo on Friday. That can’t be comfortable…


Speaking of animals- guess what happened about 3 seconds after I took this picture.

The bird bit the cat.


Yep, you heard right.


Cat sniffed bird.

Bird bit cat.


Now I will continue to listen to the girls practice for their recital, while I read.

I really need a new book. A good book. Any suggestions?


  1. My oldest is starting 6th grade too. It kinda makes me nervous.

    Ouch. That makes my neck hurt just looking at it!

    And the bird/cat picture? I though you were going to say the cat ate the bird! :) That is a very funny pic though. I bet there's a contest out there just waiting to be entered (and won!) with that one.

    Good books. I recently finished "God's Smuggler" by Brother Andrew. Very excellent. I just started "Out of the Silent Planet" by C.S. Lewis. So far so good. Let me know if you come across a good title, the CS Lewis is a short read.

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering what homeschool program you use?

  3. the monk that sold his Ferrari is a great book


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