Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Taking off down to the red sand beach


We went to see Green Gables today. Except that we ended up at the LM Montgomery museum instead. We saw the Lake of Shining Waters, and met the horses that give “Matthew’s Carriage Ride.” We learned lots of interesting facts. The old man working there told us about this beautiful beach that was right down the road. It was beautiful! I had so many fun pictures from the beach today. It was impossible to pick just one- so I used the first one. The tide was coming in while we were there. I went out about 5 feet into the water to take some pictures and lost my flip flop! I had my camera up in the air in one hand, while I chased my flip flop with the other. The warning about “strong undertow” wasn’t kidding around! We could feel the sand and rocks being pulled out from under our feet. But I did finally catch my shoe after almost falling in the water with my camera several times! The kids had fun playing in the little stream of freshwater leading out to the ocean, and of course with all the red sand. What a HUGE mess that sand makes! I wonder if they eve sell white clothing in PEI??? We also drove across the Confederation Bridge today, which is always quite a sight to behold. We never did make it to Green Gables… Well, we did… but it was closed because we spent hours at the beach… Oh well! I just finished watching America’s Funniest Home Videos with the kids in the hotel room, and we have more fun planned for tomorrow!


I love vacations.

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