Saturday, June 26, 2010


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From the wedding that Stef and I shot today. Now… I am tired. But more excited than tired! We leave for our vacation tomorrow!!!! Can’t wait to share all the pictures as we travel!


But for now- gnite. :)


P.S. Thanks for all the praying you did for the rain to stop today, Elijah. It stopped for the ceremony, and the pictures! We even got to see a rainbow.  As we were leaving today in the pouring rain, Elijah knew that I had been praying for it to stop in time for the wedding. He prayed last night and this morning as well. As we got into the van he said, “I wish God had answered my prayer today, and stopped the rain. I guess His answer was ‘no’ this time.” I told Elijah to keep praying and that we still had several hours until the wedding. Elijah said that he would keep praying, and ask God to stop it before the wedding.

Thanks, bud!

God is so good. :)

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