Thursday, June 24, 2010



He’s got glasses!


Don’t worry Robbie, I won’t tell anyone what it was that made you smile! ;)


Now the triplets have glasses, Keona’s best friend has glasses, Uncle Robbie has glasses… She told me today that she is rather upset that she doesn’t need glasses. To quote her, “It’s hard not having glasses when everyone else does!” I reminded her that I don’t have glasses- that didn’t seem to help at all. I remember being her age, and thinking about how cool it would be to break a bone and have a cast! Crazy, right? I never have broken a bone. Other than possibly a finger when my friend and I decided to sword fight with baseball bats. Ouch… I never went to the doctor, though my Grandma did make me a splint out of popsicle stick and medical tape! My grandma was the best.


I will be sure to share pictures of my new (old) piano tomorrow. Can’t wait to play it!! Neither can Keona. NO glasses… but a new (old) piano to play!


(And my 164/365 that I forgot to post until today! Oops…)


  1. Oh Keona! She is so precious!
    Thanks for using the smiling pic... and I won't say anything about what caused the smile either... at least not yet, but one day - maybe!

  2. How come when I was 11 and got my 1st pair of glasses, they were not as cool as Robbie's (and the triplets)?!

    I'm not sure how you got him to smile, but I'd love to find out!


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