Wednesday, June 23, 2010


DSC_0638 Only my kids…


Would try to call our cat down from our window… I haven’t a clue why. Miss. Vicki was sitting in an upstairs window, watching us head out for the night. When I walked out the door, the kids were all standing there calling her. I love all the different expressions.


To Elijah,


It’s not like she is sitting on the ledge waiting to jump. She is inside the house. You’re scaring your little sister. Kinda like this morning, when you chased her around with the “Jamaica” mug. You know… the one with the giant, fake, cockroach on the bottom of it. So, we gave you a drink of milk in it just for fun when you were little and possibly scarred you for life… That doesn’t mean that you can torture your sister! She looks up to you. And you, you laugh while she hides her eyes, and runs away screaming, from that horrid mug.

She will pay you back one day.

You forget that there are 5 of them and only two of you…





P.S. Please, have a better attitude tomorrow. I can only handle one grumpy person per day. Thank you muchly! :)

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