Tuesday, June 22, 2010



My three youngest


This is what I came downstairs to yesterday morning. The two boys are my early risers. They are always out of bed by 6:30 am. Usually, they go wake up Ella and take her out of her crib to play. Elijah will lift her out- Jeddy pushes her crib over beside the bunk beds so that she can climb out. I’m thinking that it must be pretty nice to have 2 big brothers! Elijah had made a 5 minute video of them playing and singing, and fooling around on Keona’s camera, so they were sitting there watching it.


Oh, how I love it when things are peaceful (even if it’s noisy) and they are all getting along!


  1. I love to see them work together to accomplish something. And morning buddies are the best! Sure beats waking ME up at 6:30am!

  2. Nana said...What a cute picture. :)


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