Friday, June 18, 2010


Kids at Wonderland.

(taken with Keona’s point and shoot)


What a fun day! I didn’t even realize how tired my legs were until I sat down in the van after 11 hours of walking around Wonderland. The kids all look like they got a little sun, eh? I’ll have to post pictures of Scott later…. :)


The very first roller coaster we did was “The Bat.” I couldn’t believe that Eve and Prayer both rode it! Prayer got off and said, “That was GREAT!!!” Eve wasn’t so sure. Charity stuck to the milder rides with Aisy.


Elijah, rode Ghoster Coaster and Silver Streak! Then, he went on Silver Streak twice more with his buddy Keaton. It was SO cute seeing the two little guys on a roller coaster together. The pictures were hilarious! (Not my pictures- the ones they take of you on your way down the hill and then try to sell you for $10!) I figured that since Elijah had so much fun on Silver Streak- The swinging ship would be no big deal…. right? Wrong! He screamed the entire time! When we got to the highest swinging point, he started yelling, “I’m dead!!!! I”m DEAD!! I’m gonna die!! I’M DYING!!!!!!” After the ride, he told me that he really did think he was going to die! ha!


Keona and Somiya enjoyed the big swings, and rode around several times. The 3D motion theatre was also a hit with everyone. Elijah kept reaching out to try and grab the things that looked like they were coming at him.


All day long, Elijah wanted to play the water shooting game. We had to have 4 players to go, so Scott just paid for four kids to play so atleast one of them would win a prize. I may have helped Elijah just a little bit, so he would win on the game he wanted to play so badly. ;) He won himself a monkey in a banana! Scott won a monkey playing peach basket and gave it to Charity. She loves monkeys…


Robbie played a soccer game, where you had to hit the milk bottles that were on a stool and knock them all off.  He had 6 girls behind him cheering, “Come on Robbie! You can do it!!” He did it on his last kick. He has “finish!” as he would say. :) The girls all yelled and clapped, “You’re the best Robbie! We knew you could do it!” He had his own personal cheerleaders. What more could a guy ask for? He wanted an England ball for a prize, but all the England ones were gone. He took a Canada one, but wasn’t too impressed. On the way out, Scott noticed an England ball in the window of the sports store. He convinced them to trade the balls for Robbie, and successfully hid the scuff marks that were already on the ball. :O


What an awesome bunch of kids in the picture above. We had such a great day with all 9 of them! Oh, and I forgot to mention the snow cone fight that Scott started. The kids ended up getting him pretty good… Scott managed to hit some innocent bystander behind me… oops. I think Greg’s favourite part was trying on all the funny hats... (Right Somiya?)


Now if only Stef and I could still ride the roller coasters without feeling like we’re going to pass out…


  1. Somiya says, Yes that probably was Daddy's favourite part!
    Aisy says, Yep uh huh...we'll send you the picture of DAddy.
    Keaton says, The boat was killing me too!
    Stef says, ya we're sissy's!!! :(

  2. Nana said...It looks like it was a very fun day. I can't believe the girls went on the 'Bat'.


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