Wednesday, June 16, 2010


braids Braids


I had my hair braided every day as a child.

Every. Single. Day.

I hated braids with a passion. I would have given anything to have been able to toss my hair in the wind. Or blow my bangs out of my eyes, like the cute little blonde girl sitting next to me in kindergarten.

But alas, I had an afro. An afro, before the time of flat irons.

My mom, had long, gorgeous, blonde, wavy hair- and I wanted to be just like her.

Not to worry. I’ve made peace with my “fro.” 

(I think the flat irons may have something to do with it… But who knows.)

And now, my girls… The ones with the perfectly straight, soft, blows-in-the-wind hair.

Well… they want braids.


The grass is always greener….


  1. love how the braids are all different! i have no braiding skillz. perhaps that is why God gave me boys- to spare any daughters the shame of crooked, loose, wobbly wanna-be-braids.

    when i was in second grade i went to a school where there was only one other white girl. i remember running home and BEGGING my mom to PLEASE let me have pretty ponytails and braids like all the other girls in school. i mean, if 2 ponytails are good, then wouldn't i look even better with 5 or 10?!

    she didn't see the logic in my argument. *sigh* i loved how all the black girls got to wear the multicolored ponytail holders and plastic barrettes. i don't think i'll ever recover from the disappointment of having only one or two measly braids. and never figuring out how to double-dutch jump rope. i am so lame-o.

  2. Nana said...The braids looked great!! You always do such a great job on their hair. They always look beautiful like their mom.


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