Monday, June 14, 2010



Anne- with an “E”


Nana, happened to find 4 more china dolls at a garage sale and picked them up for the girls. Apparently, they’ve started a collection.


I had planned to take one of the girls outside and take some nice pictures with the light breeze we had today. Unfortunately, I waited too long… once we had finished cleaning up from dinner, it was raining outside. I really wasn’t up to covering my camera and going out to shoot in the rain. Been there- done that. Instead, we took a picture of the doll

and stayed up to watch Little House on the Prairie. I think I’m going to try and find the series on DVD. I’m also on the hunt for the Anne of Green Gables trilogy on DVD, at a decent price. Just a few more days (13!!!! Not that I’m counting or anything….) before we head out on a road trip and get to see Green Gables in person!

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  1. hooray for roadtrips!

    but the dolls? they kinda creep me out.


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