Sunday, June 13, 2010


DSC_0312Jeddy and Papa, on Sunday night after church


We were late for church yesterday. Don't you just hate that!? Maybe not specifically church… but being late in general? I hate being late. And yesterday, I made the mistake of telling Scott to hit the snooze button “just once.” Scott never just hits the snooze button… he always turns off the alarm clock when he goes to hit snooze. And turn off the alarm clock he did! When we got there, all the kids were sitting in on choir practice, waiting for me to get there to start the Kid’s Club. We talked about Persistence. What a great lesson to learn as a child. I challenged all of them to set goals for themselves this week, and to be persistent in accomplishing them. Now I have to come up with a prize for everyone who meets their goal! :)


The boys are always a bit of an untucked mess after church. ha! Being that we meet in a school building, there is alot of setting up and taking down to be done before and after church. The kids help out with that to make it as quick as possible because when it’s done- they get to go and play in the private park! I love this park by the way. It has NO sand! Just a soft, foam-type ground. Perfect for church clothing. :)


The field where they play soccer on the other hand- still results in grass-stained knees….

Just ask Elijah’s brand new khakis.


  1. Nana said...Wow!! What a great picture. I love it. Thanks for smiling Jed.

  2. That playground sounds nice!

    I hate being late too. But sometimes it is unavoidable!


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