Monday, June 7, 2010



My two crazies…


I often refer to Prayer as my “softie.”  If Ella gets in trouble- she runs to Prayer. If Ella is upset- he runs to prayer. If Ella is tired- she runs to Prayer.

When we try to get Ella to finish her lunch- Prayer makes excuses for her. The other day, while we were eating lunch and Ella didn’t want to finish- she climbed onto Prayer’s lap and just sat there. I jokingly said, that we need to put Eve “the hammer” beside her from now on. Eve isn’t quite so nice. Well, she can be to a certain point…. but then (in the lunch example) she’d get tired of it and yell, “Just eat it! Now!” (I have not a clue where she gets that from….) While Prayer would say, “it’s OK… you don’t have to finish it. I’ll eat it for you.”


As I speak type, Prayer is upstairs singing Ella the 20th song before bed, because Ella doesn’t want her to leave…


Everyone needs a Prayer.

And sometimes… an Eve. :)

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  1. Oh so cute the different roles they have... and is Charity the inbetween - fun girl!


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