Sunday, June 6, 2010



The girls with their new-to-them china dolls


While we were at Nana and Papa’s house in between church services, the girls somehow got on the topic of china dolls. They told Nana how much they LOVED them, and how their friends have these old ones that are SOOO pretty. They went on and on about them. I had already planned, a few months ago, to go looking at Value Village for a few of them- as they always have old ones in stock for a few dollars. Well, no need! Scott’s mom remembered that Aunt Gail had picked up a couple of them for the girls several years ago. At that time, the girls were too young for them, so she put them away until they were older. When she told the girls this, they were ecstatic. Prayer was literally jumping with excitement. (My kids are odd… I know this.) But the dolls were in the room where Jeddy and Ella were napping. So the girls would have to wait a while. Which they did with very little patience. As in, asking every 2 minutes if they could just go up and peek. Or insist that thye could get them without waking them up. Or suggest that they heard them awake. Ha! Eventually, Jeddy and Ella woke up, and Nana got the girls the dolls. They’ve threatened to “beat down” the boys if they come within a foot of the dolls. (Where do they learn this language!?!? Scott…)


And they’ve been playing “Little Women” with them ever since…

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