Friday, June 11, 2010



Jeddy and his green flip-flops…


I made him a deal, after being asked to take him outside to “find his toad” for the 459th time… I told him that he could go toad-hunting, after he let me take a nice picture. Never had him smile so quickly for a picture before! I think I shall bribe him with toads every time!! ha… It was a good deal.


I spent the day today outside with the kids. We remembered to pick Robbie up from school today, after leaving him there (accidentally) for over half an hour yesterday- until a friend called and dropped him off for me. I completely forgot the “half day” part of the conversation I had with my Mom. I am such a horrible big sister! I made it up to him by playing baseball and making a fool of myself by losing 10-4. It was sad. Charity and Robbie destroyed Eve and I. They also almost hit an old lady with the tennis ball. Well actually, it was about 10 feet away from her- but she gave us a really dirty look. I suggested we wait until she was completely passed, before we started playing again…


Oh boy…

We’re gonna have some fun this summer!


  1. Good job Mom - sometimes we just have to do what it takes.... bribery included!

  2. Love the green flops and the adorable smile!

    Instead of bribery, we like to use the term incentive. :)


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