Thursday, June 3, 2010


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Miss. Vicki


She despises me for buying the bird. I can see it in her eyes… But then she forgets about him, and cuddles with me. She keeps me warm, and purrs. Until the bird squawks, or flaps its wings… Then she gets up and slowly walks away from me. She’ll find somewhere just out of reach, and stare at me. As if to say, “I blame you.”


I know… how completely lame, right???


All work and no play, makes Jac a dull boy girl.


Although, I did take all the kids out grocery shopping with me today! That’s… not dull! And I was pleasantly surprised when I left the kids with the cart for a moment, and a stranger offered them candy- while the girls were all ready to take it- Elijah said, “No, we have to ask our Mom first.”

That’s my boy!

It just happened to be an old man who worked at the grocery store, and he gave them each a Cadbury Cream egg as he was stocking the shelves- but it was nice to know that they actually remembered to ASK me!

Well, Elijah did anyhow…


I’m looking forward to our fun-filled weekend.

Which begins in 12 minutes!!! :)

I promise more exciting pictures in the future…


  1. Oh wow, you do have a cart full when you go to the store. At least you had one lone ranger remember to ask in the presence of candy. Not the easiest thing to remember by far!

    By the way, LOVE your new header! You have the best pics of kids ever.

  2. I love this - especially the part about the cat! :)


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