Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Rain, rain, go away….


On second thought, I rather appreciated the rain today. We had a picnic lunch outside before the rain began- watermelon, blueberries, and crackers. I didn’t really eat. More just sat there and watched the kids enjoy it. Until the ants started crawling on our blanket, and Jeddy started trying to stomp on the ants, and Ella started freaking out knocking all the food over as she tried to get away from the ants. I was enjoying myself- up until that point. Then we packed it up and headed inside.


The rain, and the fact that our Wednesday church service was cancelled because we have a conference this weekend, was a nice excuse to have a quiet movie night with the kids. We had a cleaning competition earlier in the day, and Keona and Charity were the winners! (Really, I was the winner! :P They did so much cleaning for me!) So they got to choose a movie and a snack for everyone to have. Homeward Bound, blueberry milkshakes, and popcorn sounded perfect to me! During the scene where Sassy (the cat) falls into the river and is yelling for help, Ella got really scared and started crying. Which was kind of funny, and sad, because I’ve never seen her react to a movie before. Anyhow, Jeddy being the comforting big brother that he is, says, “Don’t worry. The cat’s only drownin’!”

She didn’t understand what he said, and the cat doesn’t really drown, so all was OK.


Now that all the kids are asleep, and the house is clean… mostly… I’m going to make myself a chai tea and relax! :)


  1. Can I just say I love Homeward bound. lol funny bout he drownin'

    your kids are beautiful.. you are a blessed woman for sure! :)

  2. ha! took apic very much like that one too-LOVE the new header by the way..LOVE!!

  3. Nana said...Wow I love your new Header/Format for the blog, it's beautiful.
    Yey!!! Keona and Charity, great job. Homeward Bound and blueberry milkshakes mmmm, sounds good to me.

    Ella reminds me of Keona at that age, when she would watch Little Mermaid; every time the scarey part would come on she would go and play with toys or ask me to read a book.

  4. Your new blog header looks great!


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