Tuesday, June 1, 2010


DSC_0642 copy

Ella in the jungle conservation area


It really did feel like a jungle in there! Chest-high plants, hot, and humid! I didn’t really notice how hot and sticky it was until I saw the gazillion mosquitoes around and ON us. My poor legs are covered in bites. I smacked one on Ella’s leg right after this picture, and then as I went to slap one on her arm she notice it- and in true Keona-style, she freaked right out. Screamed, flailed her arms, and ran. Where she was running too? I haven’t a clue. It was pretty funny. Apparently, the boys like to put dust bunnies on her in the basement, where she has the same reaction. I watched Elijah do it to her today. She literally shudders. I will have to video tape it….


Those big brothers can be so cruel! :)

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