Friday, May 21, 2010

Yes, They are ALL mine

The kids were bugging to go out the other night, so I decided that we’d go for a walk. Then, I decided we’d go for a walk at Lynde Shores. Then, I thought it would be nice to get some pictures while we were there. Then, I decided that I wanted to get a group picture while we were there. Then, I made them all change into nice outfits, and I did everyone’s hair, and an hour later, when they would have been happy riding bikes out front- we were at Lynde Shores trying to get a group shot.


I got this one…

DSC_0299 copy

With Ella scowling at me.


And this one…


Of everyone up in the tree, worried that they were going to fall out.

I got pictures of them blowing “wishes”….

Keona wish flower

Ella didn’t quite get it. She kept pulling all the seeds off and throwing them.


The light was so gorgeous in this spot, at this time.

I want to go back!


I have pictures of the other girls blowing wishes as well, but am saving them for my new header! Yep, I haven’t forgotten that my header is still winter pictures! :)


I love taking my kids out. The stares and questions that I get, don’t bother me anymore. Hearing, “They aren’t ALL your kids- are they!?” is now expected and accepted. I proudly told the older lady at the post office, “Yes ma’am, they are ALL mine!” The, she proceeded to tell me that Cheaper By the Dozen is her favourite movie. Funny how everyone brings up Cheaper By the Dozen, the Duggars, or Jon & Kate, to make conversation with us. I couldn't be more proud of ALL my kids that God has blessed us with. Other than maybe the time where Keona was dragging Jed across Old Navy by the collar while he was screaming and swinging at her… Then maybe, just for a moment, I wanted to pretend that they weren’t ALL mine. Just the well behaved ones standing beside me at the cash...

I have no idea who those ones belong to…


I saved my favourite for last…


Ella isn’t looking, but whatever. It wasn’t the shot I planned, or envisioned, but whatever.

And I wonder where my kids get the “whatever” from.



I love their smiling faces.


Now I just have to book a whole family shoot.

For ALL of us!

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  1. Fabulous pictures! Amazing place and lighting! What a gift...Your beautiful children!

    I did want to ask you a question re: homeschooling your multiples and lost your email from our camera questions. Can you email me at The question of the week from MoM was about encouraging individuality. We are planning on homeschooling and was curious your thoughts on this in regards to your triplets. thanks, Angela


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