Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture this. With an afro…

Today, I…

- Was woken up at 6:30am by the boys having car races in the upstairs hallway.

- Came downstairs to a tea that my kids had made for me.

- Made Scott breakfast in bed. Except that while I was doing a balancing act of carrying his breakfast, coffee, and my tea up the stairs, I had Jeddy come running down the stairs at top speed to tell me Dad was already in the shower.

- Put Scott’s breakfast in the microwave to stay warm.

-Was invited out to church by a very nice Jehovah’s Witness lady.

-Took Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and grapefruit seed extract.

-Asked God to restore my voice to normal before the weekend.

- Broke up a karate match in my living room.

-Finished the last 2 lessons of school with the kids.

- Went shopping for a new shirt. For the second day in a row…

- Bought a set of bracelets to go with the shirt.

- Came home and realized that I have no idea how to wear said bracelets. Tried on a few, and had Eve tell me that I was wearing too many and “trying to look too pretty.”

-Was then told by Keona that “Maybe bracelets just don’t suit me…”

- Did several loads of laundry.

- Made 10 PB & J sandwiches

-Practiced a song for the Father’s Day service with the girls.

- Polled my daughters for fashion advice. They said to go with the white…

- Took the kids to the park.

-Dropped Keona off at piano lessons.

- Took the rest of the kids back to the park.

- Ran through the mist thingy with them to cool off.

- Served leftovers for dinner.

- Got the kids ready and left for church. We ate ice pops on the drive there.

- Listened to Ella scream as I dropped her off in the nursery.

- Watched the kids play in the park after church.

- Drove home.

- Got everyone in bed.

- Spoke to my hubby on the phone.

- Ate a bowl of rice.

- Went through the flyers in the newspaper.

- Allowed my boys to come back downstairs because they “forgot to hug and kiss me”…

- Read my Bible.

- Took more vitamin C and Vitamin D.

- Had a shower.

- And now I am blogging. And I feel how Jeddy looks in this photo….

DSC_0557 Except that I’m too tired to straighten my hair. So, picture this- with a giant afro.

And THAT was my day.

Aren’t you glad I shared??? ;)


Now hopefully I can add…

- Went to bed and had sweet dreams.

- Slept in until 10am.

I would settle for 8 or 9…. :P


  1. It's been a long time since I saw you with an afro-please take a picture!

  2. It makes me feel hot just looking at Jeddy.... hope everyone is staying cool now!

  3. yes I agree with Karen-pls want to see an AFRO on you!!!!


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