Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Many Faces of Robbie

He definitely wasn’t serious while I was trying to take a few pictures of him and Sarah yesterday…


He was being just like any other boy, who decides to try and ruin the picture in whatever way he can…

At first, Sarah didn’t know why I was laughing.

But eventually, she figured it out!


Soon after this shot, she tried to take him down on the side of the road. Have I ever mention how violent my family can be? All in good fun of course! :) But side of the road, family BBQ, church parking lot…. we’ll they’ll drop the gloves and go at it.


I walked away, pretending I didn’t know them…

This one time, my sister bit a hole in my shirt! BIT a hole!

So savage…


Anyhow, he continued on with the faces and I warned him that I would blog them. Apparently he didn’t care. So here you go!

robbie collage

And he did cooperate for one picture with Sarah…


Notice his gigantic shoes??? This 10 year old has bigger feet than I do! And I have monstrous size 10s…


  1. Thanks for the pictures Jaclyn - I hate it when he does that thing with his eyes!

  2. One day you'll look back on these pics and see that they are classic!

  3. To Mom Robbie looks like Darth Maul from Elijah [JaJa]


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